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IDD Safe would like to introduce you to Force Science Institute. This course is designed for law enforcement trainers, whether they deal with street officers, field supervisors, investigators, attorneys, administrators or any other group within law enforcement. The Force Science Institute’s research into human behavior as it applies to high-pressure encounters and de-escalation provides essential insights for law enforcement personnel at all levels and is designed to be the basis for de-escalation training for police.

get home safe project

Featured Non-Profit

IDD Safe would like to take the opportunity to present a non-profit organization to watch for… The Get Home Safe Project (GHSP) will provide support and training for the purpose of everyone going home safe.  The founders of Get Home Safe Project are all former law enforcement officers who understand de-escalation must be addressed with additional training for officers and citizens.  GHSP plans to support existing organization who supports mental health care for law enforcement and citizens dealing with challenges following deadly force incidents.  (Coming Soon)

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