Our Mission is to support the next evolution in De-escalation

by creating a platform for police and professionals to share solutions, resources, best practices, and training ideas to protect those with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

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IDD Safe Featured Lesson

As a citizen, you have rights when it comes to interacting with police officers. Stan here to talk to you about those rights as well as your responsibilities when approached by a police officer so everyone can go home safe.

IDD Explained For Officers - A quick look

In this video Lt. Stan Co-founder of IDD Safe gives officers a quick overview of the definition of IDD, some common behaviors, challenges, quick tips and the importance of officers learning more about these individuals that they are destined to face numerous times in their career.

Featured Resources sponsored by Autism Foundation of Oklahoma.

IDD Safe is featuring free resources for those with Autism available for free by contacting AFO or click the button below.

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What People Are Saying About IDD Safe

“I liked talking to the police officers.”

“I was nervous and now I’ve learned to stay calm.  They taught me police officers are good, can protect us and we can protect them.”

~ James (26 years old)

“I’ve been pulled over five times as a driver.”

“I learned a lot this about law enforcement.  I can definitely say that my whole perspective has changed. Just comply with them.”

~ Roger (20 years old)

“There is no one face of Autism."

“Creating programs like Spectrum Shield allows our young people diagnosed with IDD get familiar with police and have police officers learn more about them.”

~ Dr. Pamela Wiley (Spectrum Shield)

“I hate to see African Americans getting targeted.”

“The training was very helpful.  I learned how to stay calm, and that communication is the key.  Violence is not going to solve the problem.”

~ Malik (19 years old)

“The kids have a lot of negative perspectives.”

“I saw a change.  These classes help them get ready to react and show them what to do when they get pulled over.  It prepares them for what may come.”

~ Sal (LA Speaks) 

“I was scared of the cops.”

“There have been a lot of police shootings close to my block.  I learned to just follow what they say.  Thank you, Lt. Stan, for being good to us.”

~ Brandon (20 years old) 

“I found most police to be untrustworthy.”

“I can confirm there are two sides to the police force. The trainers were sincere.”

~ Oscar (18 years old)

“The police are nice in person.”

“I want to thank the police for teaching us how to be safe around them.”

~ CJ (18 years old)

“Before I met them, I didn’t know about cops.”

“Now I really see that most cops are pretty good and it’s just a few bad eggs.”

~ Jonathan (19 years old)

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IDD Safe Instructors will help you create training curriculum and reality-based training.

"Reality-Based Training is the next evolution to De-escalation” - Lt. Stan Campbell

Team up with officers, professionals and caregivers in your area to create reality-based training for those with IDD.  Together we can teach them their rights, responsibilities and give them all the tools they need to get home safe (see Spectrum Shield video).


Safety Training Explained Video

We train individuals with intellectual and developmental  disabilities how to respond to officers. Law Enforcement officers also become familiar with the range of behaviors and characteristics associated with IDD. Safety is the most important element of Reality-based training.

Keep your most vulnerable citizens IDD Safe…

Ask your local law enforcement agency to create classes to protect your loved ones with intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.