About IDD Safe

Our Mission is to educate, support and protect those with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) during police interactions so everyone can go home safe. 


Meet Stan Campbell

National Trainer, though leader, and Speaker Stan Campbell is the Co-Founder and President of IDD Safe, a training company teaching individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities how to respond safely during police contacts.

Stan is known for his teaching experience as a law enforcement instructor and has personally trained over 4,000 uniformed officers and criminal justice professionals across the nation in the proper use of force, defensive tactics and how to deescalate potentially violent encounters. He has won valor awards, led tactical and street crime teams and is renowned by many for his passion for public service, his expertise in police encounters and his impeccable sense of character and integrity in his life and work.  Stan has created multiple solution-based tools and courses designed to help officers and citizens get home home.

In 2017 he introduced D.O.P.E. (Deescalating Office Patrol Encounters) and recently developed two mobile apps (IDD Safe App & Police Encounter App). Stan simply sees himself as a man ignited by a mission—to decrease deadly force incidents and build a stronger bridge between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  Devoted to eradicating the myths, miscommunication and misconceptions that take lives instead of saving them, Stan Campbell is a voice for justice, for fairness and for the protection of lives—everywhere. 

Learn more about Stan and his work via his Linkedin profile by clicking here.


Meet Rob High

Rob is a retired law enforcement officer who started with the Oklahoma City Police Department in March 1995, retiring in 2020 as a Detective assigned to the Robbery Unit. Rob served as a department Firearms Instructor after receiving his CLEET certification in 1997. Rob also earned several nationally recognized instructor certifications in Control and Defensive Tactics, Arrest and Control, and Police Use of Force. Rob was the subject matter expert in these areas for the Oklahoma City Police Department from 2003 thru 2010. During this time he was recognized in US Federal Court as an Expert Witness on Use of Force and Control and Defensive Tactics. Rob worked various assignments to include Patrol, Criminal Intelligence, Training, and Investigations. Rob was the Training Coordinator for the Oklahoma City Police Department Police Academy from 2003 thru 2010.  Rob is one of the lead instructors for De-escalating Officer Patrol Encounters and IDD Safe.  Rob additionally is the co-founder and helped develop IDD Safe and two solution-based mobile apps (Police Encounter App and IDD Safe App).

Learn more about Rob and his work via his LinkedIn profile by Clicking here.